Membership Roster

Name Phone
(prefix 805-893)
Department E-mail
Barnes, Sherri L. 8022 Collection Services
Blue, Yolanda 3062 Special Research Collections
Brittnacher, Tom 2366 Content Management Services
Broderick, Linda 2735 Content Management Services
Busselen, Catherine 3254 Content Management Services
Caldwell, Rick 5470 Research and Scholar Services
Chiu, Cathy 4082 Area Studies
Colmenar, Gary 8067 Reference Services
Driscoll, Margaret 5873 Administration Department, Human Resources
Duda, Andrea 2647 Collection Services
Faulkner, Jane 5380 Outreach and Academic Collaboration
Folk-Farber, Kyra 2244 Music Library
Gannett, Leahkim 3454 Reference Services
Gartrell, David 7912 Special Research Collections
*Gaston, Meryle 7686 Area Studies
Greer, Rebecca 4852 Reference Services
Grosenheider, Alan 4098 Administrative Team, Administration Department, Human Resources
Güereña, Salvador 8563 Special Research Collections
Huber, Charles 2762 Reference Services
Hughes, Heather 7686 Area Studies
Jablonski, Jon 4049 Map & Imagery Laboratory (MIL)
Johnson, Gary 3713 Administrative Team, Administration Department, Research and Scholar Services
Kallal, Marti Jean 4627 Access Services, Circulation and Course Reserves, Interlibrary Loan Unit, Stack Services and Copy Services
Kim, Michael 2866 Content Management Services, Collection Services
LaBonte, Kristen 2689 Reference Services
Lueck, Lorna 7111 Reference Services
Lynch, Ryan 4719 Area Studies
McCracken, Elaine 3721 Acquisitions and Resource Management Services
McTear, Martha 5859 Content Management Services
Metzger, Rebecca 2674 Administrative Team, Administration Department, Outreach and Academic Collaboration
Moon, Danelle 3420 Special Research Collections
*Moon, Susan 3613 Special Projects, Research and Scholar Services
Morihara, Chizu 2766 Art & Architecture, Research and Scholar Services
Nelson, Catherine 2444 Acquisitions and Resource Management Services, Collection Services
Platoff, Annie 2074 Outreach and Academic Collaboration
Regan, Alex 3605 Outreach and Academic Collaboration
Rissmeyer, Chrissy 4149 Content Management Services
Schroeder, Eunice 3612 Collection Services, Music Library
Seubert, David 5444 Special Research Collections
Stahl, Matt 5473 Special Research Collections
stringer-stanback, kynita 3085 Reference Services
Sundstrom, Paige 4967 Reference Services

*Affiliate members on recall.