Committee Roster

Executive Board

  • Angela Boyd, Chair
  • Kristen LaBonte, Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect & Program Committee
  • Chrissy Rissmeyer, Secretary
  • Chuck Huber, Past Chair
  • Chizu Morihara, Committee on Appointments, Assignments, & Reassignments (CAAR)
  • Eunice Schroeder, Committee on Advancement and Promotion (CAP)
  • Jennifer Thompson, Research and Professional Development Committee (RPD)

Committee on Appointments, Assignments and Reassignments (CAAR)

  • Chizu Morihara, Chair
  • Yolanda Blue
  • Richard Caldwell
  • Gary Colmenar
  • Leahkim Gannett
  • Janet Martorana
  • Chrissy Rissmeyer

Committee on Welcoming, Orientation, and Mentoring (WOM)

  • Leahkim Gannett, Chair
  • Marti Jean Kallal
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Stephanie Tulley
  • Sally Willson Weimer

Committee on Advancement and Promotion (CAP)

  • Eunice Schroeder, Chair
  • Elaine McCracken, Vice Chair / Chair-Elect
  • Linda Broderick, Member-at-large (Year 2)
  • Sócrates Silva, Member-at-large (Year 1)

Program Committee

  • Kristen LaBonte, Chair
  • Gary Colmenar
  • Margaret Driscoll
  • Leahkim Gannett
  • Marti Jean Kallal
  • Michael Kim
  • Alex Regan

Research and Professional Development Committee (RPD)

  • Jennifer Thompson, Chair
  • David Gartrell, Chair-elect

LAUC-SB Appointments to LAUC Statewide Committees, 2013-2014

  • Stephanie Tulley, Committee on Diversity
  • Cathy Chiu, Committee on Professional Governance
  • Jennifer Thompson, Research and Professional Development Committee

LAUC-SB Appointments to UCSB Academic Senate Committees, 2014-2015

  • Jennifer Thompson, Academic Senate Committee on Library and Instructional Resources