Committee on Welcoming, Orientation, and Mentoring (WOM)


In May 2001, WOM was officially organized as a subcommittee of CAAR, approved by the LAUC-SB membership, by adding subsection c to article VI, section 3/b/6, of the bylaws reading: “CAAR will appoint one of its members to chair a subcommittee that maintains a program to welcome, orient, and mentor librarians (WOM).”

WOM was created to assist librarians new to the profession and/or to the UCSB Libraries in facing the many challenges of a new position. Its scope broadened to include the exploration of professional development issues of interest to any, and all, librarians.

Committee on Welcoming, Orientation, and Mentoring (WOM), 2017-2018

  • TBD, Chair
  • Yolanda Blue
  • Catherine Busselen
  • Kristen Labonte
  • Martha McTear
  • Alex Regan
  • Chrissy Rissmeyer

Annual Reports

Past Charges and Rosters

Past charges and rosters from the past few years are available in the WOM Archives.