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Past Charges

Charge, 2013-2014

The Research & Professional Development Committee (RPD) is charged to look into offering programs relating to the research needs and professional development of the LAUC-SB membership.

The deadline for this charge is June 2014, to be presented at a LAUC-SB Executive Committee meeting.

This charge shall be completed in addition to the committee’s standing charge.

– Angela Boyd, LAUC-SB Chair, 2013-2014

Charge, 2007-2008

This will serve as the charge to the 2007/08 Committee on Professional Development:
The University provides funds for research and other professional development activities to all LAUC-SB members. LAUC-SB has developed guidelines for funding of conference and workshop registration, transportation, lodging, and meals. The charge to this year’s CPD is to investigate policies, guidelines, and evaluation criteria for submitting proposals for local funding (as opposed to systemwide LAUC professional development funding) of research and creative activities.

Please submit a preliminary report and/or recommendations by November 21st and a final report by February 15th.

The following sites may be of help in completing the charge:

This is in addition to the standing committee charge.

Author: Janet Martorana, LAUC-SB Chair

Past Rosters

Roster, 2017-2018

  • Eunice Schroeder, Chair
  • Alex Regan, Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect
  • Margaret Driscoll
  • Elaine McCracken
  • Annie Platoff

Roster, 2016-2017

  • Tom Brittnacher, Chair
  • Eunice Schroeder, Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect
  • Margaret Driscoll
  • Kyra Folk-Farber
  • Alex Regan
  • Chrissy Rissmeyer
  • Elaine McCracken

Roster, 2015-2016

  • David Gartrell, Chair
  • Tom Brittnacher, Chair-Elect
  • Margaret Driscoll
  • Kyra Folk-Farber

Roster, 2014-2015

  • Jennifer Thompson, Chair
  • David Gartrell, Chair-Elect
  • Rick Caldwell
  • Jane Faulkner
  • Lorna Lueck

Roster, 2013-2014

  • Jon Jablonski, Chair and state-wide representative
  • Jennifer Thompson, Chair-Elect
  • David Gartrell

Roster, 2012-2013

  • Gary Colmenar, Chair
  • Jon Jablonski, Chair-Elect
  • Elaine McCracken
  • Jennifer Thompson

Roster, 2010-2011

  • Gary Johnson, Chair
  • Chimene Tucker, Chair-Elect
  • Cathy Chiu
  • Anna DeVore
  • Annie Platoff

Roster, 2009-2010

  • Angela Boyd, Chair
  • Gary Johnson, Chair-Elect
  • Anna DeVore
  • Chuck Huber
  • Annie Platoff
  • Chimene Tucker

Roster, 2008-2009

  • Jane Faulkner, Chair
  • Angela Boyd, Chair-Elect
  • Annie Platoff
  • Eunice Schroeder

Roster, 2007-2008

  • Eunice Schroeder, Chair
  • Jane Faulkner, Chair-Elect
  • Lorna Lueck
  • Anne Barnhart

Roster, 2006-2007

  • Lorna Lueck, Chair
  • Eunice Schroeder, Chair-Elect
  • Angela Boyd
  • Anne Barnhart

Roster, 2005-2006

  • Anne Barnhart, Chair
  • Lorna Lueck, Chair-Elect
  • Meryle Gaston
  • Eunice Schroeder

Roster, 2004-2005

  • Meryle Gaston, Chair
  • Anne Barnhart, Chair-Elect
  • Jane Faulkner
  • Lorna Lueck

Roster, 2003-2004

  • Jane Faulkner, Chair
  • Meryle Gaston, Chair-Elect
  • Anne Barnhart
  • Jim Markham