Executive Board


The Executive Board shall advise the chair and other appropriate agencies as to the will of the membership.

Within the framework of the LAUC and LAUC-SB Bylaws, the Executive Board shall organize and direct the activities of LAUC-SB. To carry out these functions, the Executive Board shall:

a. Determine the need for action.
b. Establish a priority list for action.
c. Determine the appropriate course of action.
d. Assign specific written charges to the Executive Board, a standing committee, an ad hoc committee or to the LAUC-SB membership as appropriate.
e. Assess the response to the specific charges, make recommendations, and seek ratification of those recommendations by the LAUC-SB membership.
f. Transmit ratified recommendations to the appropriate agencies as the advice and position of LAUC-SB.

The Executive Board shall establish ad hoc committees, appoint their chairs, assign written charges and specify reporting requirements.

The Executive Board shall ratify LAUC-SB committee membership nominees submitted by the chairs of LAUC-SB standing or ad hoc committees, with the exception of the confidential advisory committees appointed by the library administration from LAUC-SB slates.

The Executive Board shall provide or approve slates of nominees for service on ad hoc or standing administrative committees, except as prohibited in Section 5 of this article. The Executive Board shall specify the appropriate reporting status and relationship of such nominees to the Executive Board and the membership of LAUC-SB.

The Executive Board shall appoint or nominate members to LAUC statewide committees, as appropriate.

The Executive Board shall perform such other duties, consisting with the Bylaws, as the membership shall direct.

[from Sections 2-8 of Article V of the LAUC-SB Bylaws]

Current Committee Roster

Annual Reports

Past Charges and Rosters

Past charges and rosters from the past few years are available in the Executive Board Archives.