Library Speak: Acronym and Abbreviation Cheat Sheet

American Library Association (ALA) Library-Related Acronyms and Initialisms
California Digital Library (CDL) Glossary of Digital Library Terms
UC Academic Senate Acronyms Glossary
UC Library Groups A to Z
ODLIS: Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science

Acronym /
MeaningAffiliation / Extent
AACR2Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second EditionInternational
AAUAssociation of American UniversitiesNational
ACRLAssociation of College and Research LibrariesAmerican Library Association (ALA)
AECart exhibition catalog 
AFTAmerican Federation of TeachersNational
AGAdministrative GroupUCSB Library
ALAAmerican Library AssociationNational
ALMAAlma Cloud-Based Library Platform ServiceEx Libris
APIapplication programming interface
APMAcademic Personnel ManualUniversity of California (UC)
ARESAutomating Reserves (product of Atlas Systems, Inc.)
ARKarchival resource key 
ARLAssociation of Research LibrariesInternational
ARSCAssociation for Recorded Sound Collections 
AULassociate university librarian 
BIbibliographic instruction 
CAARCommittee on Appointments, Assignments and ReassignmentsLAUC-SB
CAPCommittee on Advancement and PromotionLAUC-SB
CARLCalifornia Academic and Research LibrariesAssociation of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)
CBSconsortial borrowing software 
CDLCalifornia Digital LibraryUniversity of California, Office of the President (UCOP)
CEDICommittee on Equity, Diversity, and InclusionUCSB Library
CEMACalifornia Ethnic and Multicultural ArchivesUCSB Library –
Special Research Collections (SRC)
CFPcall for papers (alternatively, call for participation) 
CFTCalifornia Federation of TeachersAmerican Federation of Teachers (AFT)
CICCommittee on Institutional Cooperation (now the Big Ten Academic Alliance)Midwest, U.S.
CIGcommon interest group 
CJKChinese, Japanese, and Korean 
CKGCommon Knowledge GroupUC Libraries
CLACalifornia Library AssociationState
CLIIRCommittee on Library, Information, and Instructional ResourcesUCSB Academic Senate,
Council on Research and Instructional Resources (CRIR)
CLIRCouncil on Library and Information ResourcesInternational
(see LOCKSS)
CMScourse management software; citation management software; content management system 
CNICoalition for Networked InformationInternational
CoULCouncil of University LibrariansUC Libraries
COUNTERCounting Online Usage of Networked Electronic ResourcesInternational
CREATECenter for Research in Electronic Art TechnologyUCSB Music Dept
CResCourse ReservesUCSB Library
CRIRCouncil on Research and Instructional ResourcesUCSB Academic Senate
CRLCenter for Research LibrariesInternational
CSDCollection Strategies Department (UCSB Library department)UCSB Library
CSLCalifornia State LibraryState
CTDcall to discard 
CTNColección Tloque NahuaqueUCSB Library –
Ethnic & Gender Studies (EGS) Collection
CUECoalition of University EmployeesUniversity of California (UC)
DACSDescribing Archives: A Content StandardSociety of American Archivists
DAHRDiscography of American Historical RecordingsUCSB Library
DAMdigital asset management 
DDSDivision of Digital StrategiesUCSB Library
DLDDigital Library Development (UCSB Library department)UCSB Library
DLEDivision of Learning & EngagementUCSB Library
DMPData Management Plan
DOCDirection and Oversight CommitteeUC Libraries
DOIdigital object identifier 
DPRDigital Preservation Repository
DREAM LabData, Research, Exploration, Access, Methods Lab (UCSB Library department)UCSB Library
DRRSCDivision of Research Resources & Scholarly CommunicationUCSB Library
DSRDepartmental Safety RepresentativeUCSB – Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)
EADEncoded Archival DescriptionLibrary of Congress
EDIelectronic data interchange 
EDVREncyclopedic Discography of Victor RecordingsUCSB Library
EGSEthnic and Gender Studies CollectionUCSB Library
EHSEnvironmental Health and SafetyUCSB
ELEx LibrisInternational
ERESElectronic ReservesUCSB Library
ERMSelectronic resources management system 
ETDselectronic theses and dissertations 
EVCExecutive Vice ChancellorUCSB
EZIDEasy ID (long-term digital identifier)California Digital Library (CDL)
FASTFaceted Application of Subject TerminologyOCLC
FRBRFunctional Requirements for Bibliographic Records IFLA
ICOLCInternational Coalition of Library ConsortiaInternational
IHCInterdisciplinary Humanities CenterUCSB
ILinformation literacy 
ILLInterlibrary Loan 
ILSintegrated library system (e.g. Alma) 
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization 
ISTLIssues in Science and Technology LibrarianshipAssociation of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) – Science and Technology Section
JSCJoint Steering Committee on Shared CollectionsCalifornia Digital Library (CDL)
LAUCLibrarians Association of the University of CaliforniaUniversity of California (UC)
LAUC-SBLibrarians Association of the University of California – Santa BarbaraUCSB Library
LC (or LOC)Library of CongressUSA
LCGFTLibrary of Congress Genre/Form TermsLibrary of Congress
LCMPTLibrary of Congress Medium of Performance ThesaurusLibrary of Congress
LCSHLibrary of Congress Subject HeadingsLibrary of Congress
LHRlocal holdings record 
LITLibrary Instruction TeamUCSB Library
LITALibrary and Information Technology
American Library Association (ALA)
LLAMALibrary Leadership and Management AssociationAmerican Library Association (ALA)
LOCKSSLots of Copies Keep Stuff SafeInternational
LOMlearning object metadata 
MARCMachine-Readable CatalogingInternational
METSMetadata Encoding and Transmission StandardLibrary of Congress
MLAModern Language AssociationNational
MLAMusic Library AssociationNational
MODSMetadata Encoding and Transmission StandardLibrary of Congress
MOLMelvyl Operations LiaisonsCalifornia Digital Library (CDL)
MOTMelvyl Operations TeamCalifornia Digital Library (CDL)
MOUMemorandum of Understanding, Professional Librarians Unit, American Federation of TeachersUniversity of California (UC)
MPLPmore product, less process 
NDIPPNational Digital Information Infrastructure and
Preservation Program
Library of Congress
NGDANational Geospatial Digital ArchiveUCSB and other partners
NGTSNext Generation Technical ServicesUC Libraries
NISONational Information Standards OrganizationNational
NRLFNorthern Regional Library FacilityUC Libraries
OAopen access
OACOnline Archive of CaliforniaCalifornia
OCAOpen Content AllianceInternational
OCLCOnline Computer Library CenterInternational
OITOffice of Information TechnologyUCSB
ORUorganized research unit 
OSCOffice of Scholarly CommunicationUniversity of California (UC)
PCCProgram for Cooperative CatalogingLibrary of Congress
PIDpersistent identifier 
PDApatron driven acquisition 
PIRpatron initiated request 
POTs Power of Three groupsUC Libraries – NGTS
PRIMOPrimo Library Discovery ServiceEx Libris
PURLpersistent uniform resource locator 
R&EResearch & Engagement (UCSB Library department)UCSB Library
RDAResource Description and AccessInternational
RDSResearch Data Services (UCSB Library department)UCSB Library
ReADSResource Acquisition and Discovery Services (UCSB Library department)UCSB Library
RLResource LiaisonCalifornia Digital Library (CDL)
RLFRegional Library Facilities (NRLF and
UC Libraries
RLUKResearch Libraries UKUnited Kingdom
RPDResearch and Professional Development CommitteeLAUC-SB
RUSAReference and User Services Association
American Library Association (ALA)
SAASociety of American ArchivistsNational
SCASociety of Californian ArchivistsState
SCILSouthern California Instruction LibrariansCARL (California Academic and Research Libraries)
SCPShared Cataloging ProgramCalifornia Digital Library (CDL)
SELSciences-Engineering Library (now Sciences and Engineering Collections)UCSB Library
SILSUC Systemwide Integrated Library SystemUC Libraries
SLASpecial Libraries AssociationInternational
SLASIACSystemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory CommitteeUC Libraries
SLFBShared Library Facilities BoardUC Libraries
SNIPSource-Normalized Impact Factor per Paper 
SPARCScholarly Publishing & Academic Resources CoalitionARL
SPIPshared print in place 
SRCSpecial Research Collections (UCSB Library department)UCSB Library
SRLFSouthern Regional Library FacilityUC Libraries
SSHASocial Sciences and Humanities approval planUCSB Library with
STEPSummer Transitional Enrichment ProgramUCSB
SUSHIStandardized Usage Statistics Harvesting
SWOTstrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats 
T&LTeaching & Learning (UCSB Library department)UCSB Library
TFtask force 
UC3University of California Curation CenterCalifornia Digital Library (CDL)
UC-AFTUniversity Council – American Federation of TeachersUniversity of California (UC)
UCENUniversity CenterUCSB
UCLASUniversity of California Libraries Advisory StructureUC Libraries
UCOLASCUniversity Committee on Library and Scholarly CommunicationUniversity of California (UC) –
Academic Senate
UCOPUniversity of California Office of the PresidentUniversity of California (UC)
ULUniversity Librarian 
UPTEUniversity Professional and Technical EmployeesCommunication Workers of America (CWA)
VLEvirtual learning environment 
VPNvirtual private network (see Using the VPN for Accessing the Library Databases) 
VRAVisual Resources Association 
WASWeb Archiving Service (no longer active)California Digital Library (CDL)
WASCWestern Association of Schools and Colleges 
WESTWestern Regional Storage TrustWestern U.S.
YBPYankee Book Peddler
(book vendor for UCSB Library)