Library Speak: Acronym and Abbreviation Cheat Sheet

American Library Association (ALA) Acronyms
California Digital Library (CDL) Glossary
UC Academic Senate Acronyms
Organizational Chart of UC Library Planning Groups
ODLIS: Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science

Acronym /
Meaning Affiliation / Extent
AACR2 Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition International
AAU Association of American Universities National
ACG All-Campus Groups SOPAG
ACIG Acquisitions Common Interest Group HOTS
ACRL Association of College and Research Libraries ALA
ADP American Discography Project UCSB Library
AEC art exhibition catalog
AFT American Federation of Teachers National
AG Administrative Group UCSB Library
ARK archival resource key
ALCTS Association for Library Collections and
Technical Services
ALEPH integrated library system Ex Libris
API application programming interface
APM Academic Personnel Manual UC
ARL Association of Research Libraries International
ARMS Acquisitions and Resource Management Services UCSB Library
ARSC Association for Recorded Sound Collections
AUL associate university librarian
BI bibliographic instruction
CAAR Committee on Appointments, Assignments and Reassignments LAUC-SB
CAG Circulation Advisory Group SOPAGRSC
CAMCIG Cataloging and Metadata Common Interest Group HOTS
CAP Committee on Advancement and Promotion LAUC-SB
CARL California Academic and Research Libraries ACRL
CatalAcq Cataloging and Acquisitions Services UCSB Library
CBS consortial borrowing software
CDC Collection Development Committee SOPAG
CDL California Digital Library UCOP
CEMA California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives UCSB Library
Special Collections
CFP call for papers
CFT California Federation of Teachers AFT
CIC Committee on Institutional Cooperation Midwest, U.S.
CIG common interest group
CJK Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
CKG Common Knowledge Group  UC Libraries
CLA California Library Association State
CLIIR Committee on Library, Information, and Instructional Resources UCSB Academic Senate,
CLIR Council on Library and Information Resources International
(see LOCKSS)
CMS Cataloging and Metadata Services UCSB Library
CMS course management software; citation management software
CNI Coalition for Networked Information International
CoUL Council of University Librarians UC Libraries
COUNTER Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources International
CREATE Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology UCSB Music Dept
CRes Course Reserves UCSB Library
CRIR Council on Research and Instructional Resources UCSB Academic Senate
CRL Center for Research Libraries International
CSD Collection Services Division UCSB Library
CSL California State Library State
CTD call to discard
CTN Colección Tloque Nahuaque UCSB Library
CUE Coalition of University Employees UC
DACS Describing Archives: A Content Standard Society of American Archivists
DAM digital asset management
DMP Data Management Plan CDL
DOI digital object identifier
DPR Digital Preservation Repository CDL
DSR Departmental Safety Representative UCSBEHS
EAD Encoded Archival Description Library of Congress
EDI electronic data interchange
EDVR Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Recordings UCSB Library
EGSL Ethnic and Gender Studies Library UCSB Library
EHS Environmental Health and Safety UCSB
EL Ex Libris International
ERES Electronic Reserves UCSB Library
ERMS electronic resources management system
ETDs electronic theses and dissertations
EVC Executive Vice Chancellor UCSB
EZID Easy ID (long-term digital identifier) CDL
FAST Faceted Application of Subject Terminology OCLC
FRBR Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records IFLA
GIC Government Information Center UCSB Library
HOPS Heads of Public Services SOPAG
HOS Heads of Systems (replaced by LTAG) SOPAG
HOSC Heads of Special Collections SOPAGCDC
HOTS Heads of Technical Services SOPAG
IAG Interlibrary Loan Advisory Group SOPAGRSC
ICOLC International Coalition of Library Consortia International
IHC Interdisciplinary Humanities Center UCSB
IL information literacy
ILL Interlibrary Loan
ILS integrated library system (e.g. ALEPH)
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISRAC Image Services Rollout Advisory Committee SOPAGHOPS
ISTL Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship ALAACRLSTS
JSC Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections CDL
LAUC Librarians Association of the University of California UC
LAUC-SB Librarians Association of the University of California
– Santa Barbara
UCSB Library
LC Library of Congress USA
LCGFT Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms Library of Congress
LCMPT Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus Library of Congress
LCSH Library of Congress Subject Headings Library of Congress
LHR local holdings record
LIT Library Instruction Team UCSB Library
LITA Library and Information Technology
LLAMA Library Leadership and Management Association ALA
LOCKSS Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe International
LOM learning object metadata
LTAG Library Technology Advisory Group (replaced Heads of Systems [HOS]) SOPAG
MAG Melvyl Advisory Group SOPAG
MARC Machine-Readable Cataloging International
METS Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard Library of Congress
MIL Map and Imagery Laboratory UCSB Library
MLA Modern Language Association National
MLA Music Library Association National
MODS Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard Library of Congress
MOL Melvyl Operations Liaisons SOPAG, CDL
MOT Melvyl Operations Team CDL
MOU Memorandum of Understanding, Professional Librarians Unit, American Federation of Teachers UC
MPLP more product, less process
NDIPP National Digital Information Infrastructure and
Preservation Program
Library of Congress
NGDA National Geospatial Digital Archive UCSB and other partners
NGTS Next Generation Technical Services UC Libraries
NISO National Information Standards Organization National
NRLF Northern Regional Library Facility UC Libraries
OAC Online Archive of California California
OCA Open Content Alliance International
OCLC Online Computer Library Center International
OIT Office of Information Technology UCSB
OPAC online public access catalog
ORU organized research unit
OSC Office of Scholarly Communication UC
PAG Preservation Advisory Group SOPAGCDC
PCC Program for Cooperative Cataloging Library of Congress
PID persistent identifier
PDA patron driven acquisition
PIR patron initiated request
POTs Power of Three groups UC LibrariesNGTS
PURL persistent uniform resource locator
RDA Resource Description and Access International
RL Resource Liaison CDL
RLF Regional Library Facilities (NRLF and
UC Libraries
RLG Research Libraries Group (merged with OCLC)
RLUK Research Libraries UK United Kingdom
RPD Research and Professional Development Committee LAUC-SB
RSC Resource Sharing Committee SOPAG
RUSA Reference and User Services Association
SAA Society of American Archivists
SCA Society of Californian Archivists
SCIL Southern California Instruction Librarians CARL (California Academic and Research Libraries)
SCO Scholarly Communication Officers SOPAG
SCP Shared Cataloging Program CDL
SEL Sciences-Engineering Library UCSB Library
SFX SFX (trademark) i.e. UCeLinks International
SLA Special Libraries Association International
SLASIAC Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee UCOP
SLFB Shared Library Facilities Board UC Libraries
SMCG Shared Monographs Coordinating Group SOPAGCDC
SNIP Source-Normalized Impact Factor per Paper
SOPAG Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group UC LibrariesCoUL
SPARC Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition ARL
SPIP shared print in place
SRLF Southern Regional Library Facility UC Libraries
SSHA Social Sciences and Humanities approval plan UCSB Library with
STAP Sciences and Technology approval plan (deactivated) UCSB Library with
STEP Summer Transitional Enrichment Program UCSB
SUSHI Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting
SWOT strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
TF task force
TSAG Technical Services Administrative Group UCSB Library
UC3 University of California Curation Center CDL
UCAC UC Archivists Council SOPAGCDC
UC-AFT University Council – American Federation of Teachers UC
UCEN University Center UCSB
UCL University of California library planning groups — see organizational chart UC Libraries
UCOLASC University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication UC
Academic Senate
UCOP University of California Office of the President UC
UCSEL University of California Science and Engineering Librarians UC Libraries
UL University Librarian
UPTE University Professional and Technical Employees CWA
VDX Virtual Document eXchange OCLC
VLE virtual learning environment
VPN virtual private network (see Using the VPN for Accessing the Library Databases)
VRA Visual Resources Association
WAS Web Archiving Service
WASC Western Association of Schools and Colleges
WEST Western Regional Storage Trust Western U.S.
WOM Committee on Welcoming, Orientation, and Mentoring LAUC-SB CAAR
YBP Yankee Book Peddler
(book vendor for UCSB Library)

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