Committee on Appointments, Assignments and Reassignments (CAAR)


a. The Committee on Appointments, Assignments and Reassignments shall consist of an elected Chair and sufficient members, as confirmed by the Executive Committee, to conduct the business of CAAR.

b. The CAAR fulfills the mandate of the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) for a personnel committee to advise the Chancellor or designee on the appointment of persons to the librarian series at UCSB. The specific functions of CAAR in this regard shall be as follows:

  1. to advise the LAUC-SB Executive Committee and appropriate administrative bodies on appointments of librarians, or on matters relating to substantial changes in their assignments as they pertain to the programmatic needs of the library.
  2. to select a member of CAAR to serve as a participant in planning conferences on appointments.
  3. to select a member of CAAR to advise administrative bodies on an assignment or reassignment action, when appropriate.
  4. to review and recommend changes in appointment or assignment and reassignment principles, policies and processes.
  5. to provide general direction for ad hoc Appointment Committees and to nominate a slate for each of these committees as well as one CAAR member to serve as Chair of each of these committees.
  6. to prepare an annual analytical report on the appointment, assignment and reassignment process for distribution, via the Executive Committee, to LAUC-SB members.

c. The CAAR shall perform other duties and tasks as assigned by the LAUC-SB Executive Committee.

[from Section 3 of Article VI of the LAUC-SB Bylaws]

Current Committee Roster

Annual Reports

Past Charges and Rosters

Past charges and rosters from the past few years are available in the CAAR Archives.