Professional Development Funding Guidelines

Every LIBRARIAN will receive $1,500 for fiscal year 2015-2016 for professional development purposes. This is a combination of the $750 base allocation mandated in the MOU and $750 in additional funds provided by the University Librarian. Note: For those librarians covered by the MOU, the $750 base allocation is protected. However, in future years the $750 provided by the University Librarian may be adjusted as the budget dictates. Professional development funds for librarians not covered by the MOU are not protected.

The $1,500 can be spent for any professional development expenses as long as they comply with all UC travel regulations. Effective April 3, 2013, librarians may use their professional development funds to cover professional membership fees. These fees will be reimbursed with appropriate verification (receipt). Fill out the Librarian Request for Leave form (see Travel Request Forms & Procedures), print it, and submit it with the corresponding receipts to your department head or supervisor.

There is no carry-forward of professional development funds. However, the use of professional development funds allotted in one year may be expended in the next fiscal year if the professional development activity is occurring within the final three (3) weeks of the fiscal year [per policy, reimbursement requests are to be made within three weeks of the activity]. For professional development activities that straddle the fiscal year (as ALA Annual often does), either year’s allocation may be used.

All of the $1,500 will be tracked by LAUC-SB RPD.

When all the funds you are qualified to receive have been expended, any further expenses will be out-of-pocket. Librarians who have special professional development expenses exceeding $1,500 should discuss their requests with their supervisor and AUL.

At the end of the fiscal year the unspent base allocation funds of those librarians covered by the MOU may be redistributed by LAUC-SB RPD to other covered librarians for authorized professional development costs.

If travel is covered by the University of California Office of the President, see the UCOP travel page. Expect the reimbursement process to take longer than local reimbursement.

If travel is covered by LAUC, see LAUC Travel and Reimbursement Policy and Procedures.
University employees who travel for professional development or administrative travel are eligible to apply for and use the UCSB U.S. Bank Visa Corporate Card. The cardholder, not the University, is responsible for any balance, and the card is only to be used for University or work-related expenses.

LAUC-SB Professional Development Funds cover:

  1. Registration to conferences and workshops
  2. Transportation
  3. Lodging
  4. Meals and incidental expenses
  5. Memberships in professional organizations